Neighborhood Office Hours

Bringing City Hall to our neighbors

For many Houstonians, going to City Hall can be a big hassle, between taking time off from work to finding childcare to finding a parking space that won’t cost an arm or a leg.

That’s why Abbie will bring City Hall into our neighborhoods. Twice each month, Abbie will hold neighborhood office hours, open to the public, where Abbie will meet one-on-one with neighbors on a first-come, first-served basis.

This is a great forum to talk one-on-one with your councilmember about that neighborhood issue that matters to you but never makes its way to the top of the city’s priority list – like parking issues, graffiti, overgrown lots, car break-ins, flooding hotspots, or whatever is on your mind.

And because Abbie is committed to running her campaign like she will run her council office, Abbie’s not waiting – she’s starting neighborhood office hours in June.

Neighborhood office hours and locations will be announced soon!

If you want to elect smart leaders who will push for thoughtful policy fixes like this one, please consider endorsing Abbie, volunteering for her campaign or making a contribution today. Thank you!