Amend the Sound Ordinance – Noise from Bars


Equip bars with publicly accessible sound meters

Houston has become one of America's most exciting cities, with unparalleled restaurants, entertainment and nightlife options. It is a city that never sleeps; but that does not mean Houstonians should go without sleep!

That's why Abbie Kamin is proposing an amendment to Houston’s sound ordinance that would require bar and nightclub owners to install, as part of the permitting process, sound equipment monitoring that would be accessible online to residents and law-enforcement to assist in the reporting and enforcement of existing noise and sound level restrictions, including civil fines.

Neighbors next to loud bars know the drill. Loud music keeps you, your small children, or your aging parents, up; you call the police; by the time officers arrive at the scene, the problem as abated; but you've still lost hours of sleep.

If noise levels were recorded and available online in real time, enforcement would not depend on sending an officer to the scene. That not only saves time, but also frees up officers to stay on patrol or respond to more serious crimes. And it provides a mechanism to address nuisances that HPD currently lacks the resources to address.

This proposal is not untested. It is already in force as part of a settlement agreement that ended litigation between Near Northside residents and the White Oak Music Hall. Chief Art Acevedo has endorsed this proposal in a letter to activists along the Washington Avenue Corridor.

If you want to elect smart leaders who will push for thoughtful policy fixes like this one, please consider endorsing Abbie, volunteering for her campaign or making a contribution today. Thank you!