Abbie Kamin for
City Council:
Never Stop


Abbie Kamin never stops fighting for what matters most.

Abbie Kamin is a civil rights attorney and neighborhood advocate who carries a copy of the Constitution in her purse and Robert's Rules of Order in her car. For more than a decade, Abbie has pushed government at every level to do better on issues from discrimination and hate crimes, to gun violence and school safety, to voting rights and protecting foster children.


what people are saying

"Some people are born leaders and change makers. They are those that don’t just look at an issue and talk about it but try to figure out how to make things better...These are the people of our future... the City of Houston is very lucky that we happen to have some of the best and brightest living among us...Abbie Kamin...has taken on the task of starting conversations about diversity and creating change[.]"

“Abbie Kamin is anything but Normal: She is Exceptional”, Just Vibe Houston / Read Full Article